Teresa Moore, PP, PLS receives the Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to Teresa Moore, PP, PLS on being the 2016-2017 Distinguished Service Award Winner!  BLSA continues to be blessed by Teresa’s heart of service and selfless contribution for the betterment of our organization!

The purpose of this award is to recognize a current or former member who has served this association in a manner that made BLSA a better association because of member’s efforts.

Here are a few excerpts from her nomination:

  • My nominee for the Distinguished Service Award has been a lighthouse to our chapter giving assistance, leadership, and friendship to all she comes in contact with every day.
  • My nominee always has a positive attitude about whatever she decides to do.  She always looks through the fog and mist of doubt to say we can do that; we can teach ourselves how to do anything we want to do.
  • Her focus has remained on education and certification of our members.  When she obtained her PP certification, she became determined to reach out and offer her talents to any member or non-member who asked her for help.
  • She has worked countless hours preparing for study groups, teaching the NALS Legal Training Course, administering certification examinations, working with the NALS Education Committee, teaching seminars on Word and Excel or just being on the other end of the phone to walk a member through an issue with Word.
  • My nominee is the perfect example of what every member of BLSA should be – a friend, a teacher, and a role model.

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