Congratulations to Janice Riviere, CLP the recipient of  2017 AALS New Member of the Year

Here are a few excerpts from her nomination:

  • My nominee joined BLSA on January 8, 2015, and immediately became one of the “Go To” people in our local chapter.
  • With only three months as a member, she agreed to be the chapter’s Program Chairman and has worked very hard to obtain quality CLE for each of our membership meetings. With this position came a position on the Board of Directors and my nominee has been most helpful and insightful when it came to making major decisions affecting our organization.
  • She has expressed a desire to become certified early in her membership and became a Certified CLP in October 2016.
  • My nominee epitomizes what AALS and NALS are all about: engage, inspire, enhance, and promote.


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