September 16, 2015

Mock Exams Online

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It’s with great joy that NALS, along with the NALS Foundation and the NALS Education Products Task Force, releases the online certification mock exams for your studying purposes. This web-based study tool is derived from exam reference materials outlined in the NALS Certification Resource Manual and can be used to study solo or with a group as long as each person has purchased access.

Obtaining a NALS certification demonstrates career commitment, builds credibility, showcases skills, and opens the doors of opportunity to enhance your career in the legal industry. NALS offers three unique certifications and four legal designations dedicated to the legal services profession. The exams are of varying levels and are developed by professionals in the industry. Each certification is developed by NALS and takes advantage of the more than 85+ years of experience and dedication to the legal services industry only NALS has to offer. NALS has the certification for you, whether you are beginning a career in the legal industry or are a veteran paralegal ready to display your skills.

This online mock exam will help familiarize you with the questions and topics covered within each of the certification exams. 

 Your purchase will include: 

  • A choice of 30- or 60- Day Access to the Online Learning Portal that covers all of the above exam parts in mock format.
  • Each question is cited and referenced for you to study properly. If you get the answer right or wrong, the system will give you the reference on which material to study for the answer.
  • After you finish the mock exam, you will be given a score. This is just for your reference.
  • There is a sizable question bank in each section that randomizes each time you complete the mock exam.

How it works:

  1. First, download the latest version of NALS Certification Resource Manual so that while studying you know which materials go with this mock exam.
  2. Next, choose the necessary exam and days of access. You can see those all listed in the buttons beneath.
  3. Follow the purchase process.
  4. Upon confirmation, DO NOT close the page, it will re-route you to the online learning system to begin your mock exam study.
  5. As always, the NALS Resource Center staff is here to assist with any support or technical questions you may have. Please read below before contacting NALS Resource Center for any support questions: 
    1. How do the access days work? Your subscription access starts on the date of purchase, NOT on the day you start the mock exam.
    2. How is this mock exam developed? The questions were developed by the NALS Education Products Task Force using the reference material and outlines found in NALS Certification Resource Manual.
    3. Do you limit how many people have access? Yes, the online management system can contain 250 active accounts. If that amount is exceeded for the month, then you will be able to gain access when the next one expires.
    4. Will my progress be saved if my subscription lapses? The system should keep your progress; just your account will be inactive. If you need to re-activate it, then you will need to visit and repurchase your access. Be aware that if 180 days lapse without your account being active, there is a chance for removal or deletion.
    5. After the initial purchase, can I close the window and then re-access at a later time? Yes. You can access the online learning system by visiting and log in with your credentials. DO NOT ACCESS THE LINK unless you have already purchased the system.
    6. Who funded this project? NALS Foundation funded the implementation of this project in full and will be funding its evolution into other areas of NALS education.

    Are you a school or have a group? 

    NALS offers discounted pricing for classes and groups. For details, you will need to contact the NALS Certification and Education Department through this online form.

    Online Mock Exam Full Exam Purchase Links 

     Mock Exam   30-Day Access  60-Day Access 
     Accredited Legal Professional (ALP)    
     Professional Legal Secretary (PLS/CLP)  
     Professional Paralegal (PP)    



    ALP Mock Exam Parts


    Mock Exam 30-Day Access 60-Day Access
    Part One: Written Communications
    Part Two: Office Procedures

    and Legal Knowledge

     Part Three: Ethics, Human

    Relations and Judgment




    PLS/CLP Mock Exam Parts


    Mock Exam 30-Day Access 60-Day Access
    Part One: Written Communications
    Part Two: Office Procedures and Technology
     Part Three: Ethics and Judgment Skills
     Part Four: Legal Knowledge and Skills 



    PP Mock Exam Parts


    Mock Exam 30-Day Access 60-Day Access
    Part One: Written Communications
    Part Two: Legal Knowledge and Skills
    Part Three: Ethics and Judgment Skills
    Part Four: Substantive Law
    (Note: Current PLS/CLPs will only benefit from this part to gain PP certification.)